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Life Coach and Project Management
Combo Success Course in 4 ten week parts.

  Content of the course - what is included in each week, is listed below.  

The reason for the combination, life coaching is for motivation and project management is for planning and action. This course is setup in such a way that these two are integrated.

Combo Success Course Week 1 to 10

Week 1 - Goals - Focus on Your Breathing 
Start with the end in mind, meditation – breathing, Coaching session – goals, Chapter - focus on your breathing

Week 2 - Project Process - PRINCE2
Describes parts of the process, it does not change even if the size of the project changes. Prince2 origins

Week 3 - Milestones - Water And Physical Health 
This week looks at physical health and breaking your goals down to milestones you have a lot of work this week so non this week, Coaching session – milestones, Chapter - water and physical health.

Week 4 – Communication
If need be, create your own directory make sure all stakeholders understand the meanings.

Week 5 - Beliefs - Total Body Relaxation 
Relaxing body and mind as an way to uncover you limiting beliefs. meditation – total body relaxation, Coaching session – beliefs, Chapter -  total body relaxation

Week 6 - PM Team
Selecting a team – appropriate skills, training, team building

Week 7 - Motivation - Aromatic Oils –
Aromatic oils are the highest level of medicine. They work on body, mind and soul, meditation - no meditation this week, coaching session – motivation, Chapter - aromatic oils

Week 8 - PRINCE2 Documents
Reason for documents and when to use them. Includes Templates

Week 9 - Values - Intuitive Energy Healing –
Intuitive Energy Healing combined with aromatic oils this is the best way to heal your life - meditation – 1. Energy connection, 2. Energy system activation and alignment, Coaching session - Values, Chapter - intuitive energy healing.

Week 10 - Scope and Time/ cost
Scope of project – what has to be done when, what does it effect, what follows what, timing of sub-sets, cost of people and goods.


Combo Success Course Week 11 to 20

Week 11 - Rules - Prosperity 
meditation – manifestation process, Coaching session – rules, Chapter -  abundance  Includes the universal gratitude journal

Week 12 - Project Quality
The quality of the Standard of the work, goods and documents of the project.

Week 13 - Six Human Needs - Cleaning out the Mind 
meditation – communicate with your subconscious mind, Coaching session – six human needs, Chapter -  cleaning out the mind

Week 14 - Stakeholders and RACI
Who is involved? What is their responsibility?

Week 15 - Communication is Projection - Mind Garden
meditation – 1. The forest, 2. the hilltop, 3. Meadow to mountaintop, 4. The beach. Coaching session – communication is projection, Chapter - mind garden

Week 16 - Terminology - language
Comparison of terms of PMP and Princ2

Week 17 - Responsibility - Reflections 
meditation – 1. Wheel alignment one, 2. Wheel alignment two, 3. Chakra meditation, 4. Meeting your guide or guides, 5. Three mind meditation, 6. Light pen protection, 7. Crystal temple meditation. Coaching session – responsibility, Chapter - reflection

Week 18 - Procurement and Risk
Functional spec, tender process, RFQ, risk of the project and tender

Week 19 - Questions - Managing Anger 
meditation – 1. anger process, 2. forgiveness process, Coaching session -  questions, Chapter -  managing anger

Week 20 - Integration
Integration of the project Products and process.


Combo Success Course Week 21 to 30

Week 21 - New Goals - Time Management
meditation – time line meditation, Coaching session – new goals, Chapter -  time management

Week 22 - Goals and Sub goals
Breaking the project down into manageable chunks.

Week 23 - Purpose - Silence is an essential part of life. 
meditation – make contact with your point of silence, Coaching session – purpose, Chapter -  silence

Week 24 - Progress and milestones
Keeping track of your project

Week 25 - Celebration - Goals and Contract 
meditation – eulogy and contract, Coaching session – celebration, Chapter -  goals and contract

Week 26 - Team support
Support your team as individuals

Week 27 - Goals - Regain Your Spirit 
meditation – regain your spirit, Coaching session – goals, Chapter -  regain your spirit

Week 28 - Business case
Business Case is the main document of the project. Without the approval of this document you do not have a project.

Week 29 - Milestones - Sensory Development 
meditation – no meditations this week, Coaching session – milestones, Chapter -  sensory development

Week 30 - Active PM Documents

  • Issue register
  • Business Case
  • Risk register
  • Lessons log
  • Quality register
  • Exception report
  • Daily log
  • Check point report
  • High light report

Combo Success Course Week 31 to 40

Week 31 - Action Steps - Play a little 
meditation – workshop, Coaching session – action steps, Chapter -  play a little

Week 32 - PM accounting
Small project – excel spreadsheet.
Large project – accounting package.

Week 33 - Action Steps - Self-Esteem 
meditation - no meditations this week, Coaching session – action steps, Chapter -  self-esteam.

Week 34 - Project software
Open project and open office.

Week 35 - Action Steps - Ask the Right Question 
meditation - no meditations this week, Coaching session – action steps, Chapter -  ask the right questions.

Week 36 - Action Steps - Game Plan 
meditation - no meditations this week, Coaching session – action steps, Chapter -  game plan.

Week 37 - Action Steps - Product Manager 
meditation – Product Manager, Coaching session – action steps, Chapter -  product manager.

Week 38 - Action Steps - Celebrate Life 
meditation - no meditations this week, Coaching session – action steps, Chapter -  celebrate life.

Week 39 - Disassemble the old project.
If your project replaces a previous project that is completed when the new project is completed.

Week 40 - As built documents and lesson learnt log
When we close off the project it is important to have all the documents up to date to represent the completed project, these are the as built documents and the lesson learnt log.

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