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Silent Retreat

A silent retreat is about more than silence, al be it silence is very important. By silence it is implied that you have a silent body, mind and soul. This is the only way to get to connect to Source fully. Allow your being to surrender to source and life from Love, Live and Light.
We work with breathing, silence within, releasing, meditation, and celebration of life and living. The point is to settle the body, mind and soul to make a deep connection to the divine. Take these experiences home and practice them when you feel the time is right.

These retreats are presented as a weekend or a week.

To book send us your details and indicate your interest.





The Presentation
1.1       Breathing
1.2       Point Of Silence
1.3       Dance
2.1       Connect To All That Is
2.2       Crystal Temple Meditation
2.3       Dance
3.1       Check Breathing
3.2       3 Mind Meditation
3.3       Aloha Breathing
4.1       Eulogy and Contract
4.2       Communication with Your Subconscious
4.3       Manage Anger
5.1       Ho’oponopono
5.2       Silence
5.3       Workshop
6.1       Meadow to Mountain Top
6.2       Sensory Development
6.3       Celebrate Life – Dance and Music







Books Success Course Silent Retreat About Contact Us

Last Updated: 2018-10-10