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19 Week
Project Management Course




19 weekly project management lessons, work out how to divide your “life goals” into manageable chunks and set an implementation plan in place. Figure out the best way to get to your goals.

Week 1 - Project Process - PRINCE2
Describes parts of the process, it does not change even if the size of the project changes. Prince2 origins

Week 2 – Communication
If need be, create your own directory make sure all stakeholders understand the meanings.

Week 3 - PM Team
Selecting a team – appropriate skills, training, team building

Week 4 - PRINCE2 Documents
Reason for documents and when to use them. Includes Templates

Week 5 - Scope and Time/ cost
Scope of project – what has to be done when, what does it effect, what follows what, timing of sub-sets, cost of people and goods.

Week 6 - Stakeholders and RACI
Who is involved? What is their responsibility?

Week 7 - Terminology - language
Comparison of terms of PMP and Prince2

Week 8 - Procurement and Risk
Functional spec, tender process, RFQ, risk of the project and tender.

Week 9 - Integration
Integration of the project Products and process.

Week 10 - Goals and Sub goals
Breaking the project down into manageable chunks.

Week 11 - Progress and milestones
Keeping track of your project

Week 12 - Team support
Support your team as individuals

Week 13 - Business case
Business Case is the main document of the project. Without the approval of this document you do not have a project.

Week 14 - Active PM Documents
Issue register
Business Case
Risk register
Lessons log
Quality register
Exception report
Daily log
Check point report
High light report

Week 15 - PM accounting - Small project – excel spreadsheet

Week 16 - Project software –
Open project and open office

Week 17 - Disassemble the old project.
If your project replaces a previous project that is completed when the new project is completed.

Week 18 - As built documents and lesson learnt log
When we close off the project it is important to have all the documents up to date to represent the completed project, these are the as built documents and the lesson learnt log.

Week 19 - Project Quality
The quality of the Standard of the work, goods and documents of the project.




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Last Updated: 2019-11-04