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Herb Angels (interactive pdf)


Herbs are required for a healthy body, mind and spirit.

This interactive pdf on your pc desktop allowing you to choose an herb for the day, this allows you to choose a message for the day at the same time. If you feel that it is appropriate for you, you can go to a health shop and get some of the essential oils. This will be particularly useful if you pick the same herb often. 

This card deck represents the spirit of the herbs used for medication through the centuries. Each herb is represented with a card. The deck is intended for people who would like to make use of divination and aromatherapy. By drawings one card the message can be used as a message for the day or if you have the oil you can drop the oil on a napkin and keep it with you, as the fragrance of the day.

Of course the deck can be used as you would a regular divination deck. The great thing about this deck, it is in pdf format so you can keep it in your PC desktop and use it when you would like to, no need to print it out.

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Last Updated: 2018-10-10