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Egypt Scents Calander

Egypt Scents Calendar
Ancient writing and fragrances both belonged to the Egyptians, a fitting theme to remember something or someone special. This book is a special way to remember your loved ones and their special occasions.

Life Coach in your pocket

Life Coach in your pocket 
21 Days to Excellence
While you receive all the information you need with each weeks information and session, it is handy to have your life coach in your pocket, should you need it. This book is full of interesting titbits that will make your life a better place.

Universal Gratitude Journal

Universal Gratitude Journal (interactive pdf)
Gratitude journal to me this is a place to put the details of all your good memories. My reasoning on days you feel your life has not improved look at your gratitude journal and see all the good things that you have experienced and with this realise how good life is for you.  

Herb Angels

Herb Angels (interactive pdf)
Herbs are required for a healthy body, mind and spirit. This interactive pdf on your pc desktop allowing you to choose an herb for the day, this allows you to choose a message for the day at the same time. If you feel that it is appropriate for you, you can go to a health shop and get some of the essential oils. This will be particularly useful if you pick the same herb often.

 Painting Rainbows

Painting Rainbows
The human energy system illustrated and described in a colourful, playful way. A description of the wording for the kids is given in the back of the book for mom and dad.

Aromatic Oils

Aromatic Oils

These oils represent the essence of the plant they have been extracted from. By this I mean, it represents;
The chemical properties-- the combination of chemicals that are the plant’s juice. These are extracted mostly by distillation.
The energetic properties-- by extracting the chemicals from the plant, the plant’s energies are transferred with them.

Creative Expression

Creative Expression

Poetry and photos to take your mind on a creative journey, into an adventure.

Universal Patterns Run through it.

Universal Patterns Run through it

“The oldest wisdom in the world tells us we can consciously unite with the divine while in this body; for this man is really born. If he misses his destiny, nature is not in a hurry; she will catch him up someday, and compel him to fulfil her secret purpose. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (president of India 1962 – 1967)”

Energy for Life

Energy for Life

So many people go about life and ask what happened to the “manual”. Unaware of the sea of energy we find ourselves in. Too afraid to do anything about their lives that they call “a wreck”. Unaware that they can do something to get help or even help themselves?

Holistic Living

Holistic Living

Aware of the divine qualities we should be cultivating within ourselves. This is how Silva, Mira and Shyam Mehta in Yoga The Iyengar Way (1990) describe it.


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