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Aromatic Oils e-Book


Understanding of course that the most powerful tool of all; is your mind and your attitude to life as a whole.
Considering that all of life is a spiritual lesson, whatever comes your way is a lesson you chose to learn.
These oils represent the essence of the plant they have been extracted from. By this I mean, it represents;

1. The chemical properties-- the combination of chemicals that are the plant’s juice. These are extracted mostly by distillation.
2. The energetic properties-- by extracting the chemicals from the plant, the plant’s energies are transferred with them.

There are only two oils you can use directly on your skin and these are Lavender and Tea Tree. All the others can harm your body if not diluted and as a result it is recommended you dilute the oils and use with care. An explanation of ways the Aroma Oils are used. The Massage Technique, is a comprehensive explanation of the technique. A list of Aroma Oils and their benefits is listed in the book.

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Last Updated: 2018-10-01