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PRINCE2 Practitioner - P2R/564921



Project management - Project manager, Business analyst and Technical Analysis, implying Project management from initial customer contact to the completion of the project by final invoice and sign off is facilitates with this role, includes Customer Requirement Specification (CRS), Business Proposal and presentation to the customer, Business case – Project documents, Technical Solution including the network and site drawing and / or flow diagram, business rules (software), prototyping, Technical specification (hardware and software), tender documents, project reports, Exco presentation – the PowerPoint write-up and the presentation of the material in the meeting, Testing & commissioning (T&C). In the Wireless Telecoms, IT and Rail communication and (AFC) industries. By implication this means I am an individual with 12 years’ experience in providing the solution best suited for the customer. This includes sourcing the equipment for the solution, should that be required. This means search the present supplier list and the internet for the equipment for the solution. Believing in having a local supply base, once the equipment we are looking for is found online, finding the local representative starts. As this would normally be a project in which new technology is used we would go to prototyping the network with the newly sourced equipment.

Experiance gained:

Telkom Mobile – Project Manager - Largest Wi-Fi Hot Spot network in South Africa, at 1700 Hotspots. Controlling the budget of R40 Million for the access and core network.

Bombardier – Project Contract Administrator – AFC stakeholder communication, finance, test and commissioning, as built drawings, milestones, software release check list and business rules, Within 2 weeks of starting on the AFC project of the Gautrain project I had the Finances of the subcontractor in check.

Transtel – Technical design, business proposal, tender specification documents, tender process, Saved lives with cost effective system. Transnet has 200+ transportation tunnels with no communication facilities leading to 130 accidents, 28 derailments, and 300+ fatalities – creating millions of rand’s in capital losses. Proposed and installed a R1M RF system. Decreased to 52 accidents, seven derailments, and 55 fatalities the next year – all due to human error. Prototype Tunnels - MPT1327, Cedara – two 6 Km tunnels and Conventional radio, Hexriver – 13 Km tunnel.

TranstelWireless solution design, business proposal - Integrated WiMax into hospital operations. Contacted by Medicross to create a reliable network that allowed five area hospitals to connect X-ray equipment to a dedicated printer in a remote location. Evaluated systems, determined bandwidth requirements, and replaced wire-line system. Finished R500K project in five months.

Transtel – Wireless solution design, prototype, business proposal and tender documentation including equipment specification. - Improved city-wide transportation system. Riots resulted after recently installed copper lines were removed by local residents, backing up 1,000+ trains across 2,200 miles of track. Prevented further destruction of trains, which cost R42M+ to fix, with a R350K wireless prototype in five locations. Bolstered service and reliability.

TranstelCheck design and update design, and business proposal, project roll-out, procurement, test and commissioning, project closeout - Emergence caravans. 14 4x4 caravans, distributed throughout South Africa. These caravans provide communication at a derailment site, this includes data (PC with 3G modem), Radio (to connect to the nearest Radio site), and voice (DECT, wireless PBX, for staff on site to communicate with each other.) this allows for fast clean-up saving lives and preventing penalties.

Transtel - Streamlined logistics handling. A container dock was expanding and purchased a high performance crane, but was slowed due to time administrative processes. Listened to client’s needs and installed a Wi-Fi network. Used GPS data with container data to provide Yard Manager real-time shipping information. Completed in two months.

Transtel – PMO Quality team - Completed ISO 14000 Environmental Auditor exam, implemented skills gained on a day to day basis and started the ISO 14000 certification and education program for Transtel.

Transtel – Wireless NOC - Implemented a “Per node” filing system for the MPT1327 network in the NOC; so that all the information of the sites on this node, the regional processor and the inter-regional processor connectivity, is all available to whoever needs it nationwide.  The documents include site files, site drawings, network drawings, subscriber list, traffic analysis and network upgrade recommendations presented to the engineering team. The intention to improve the maintenance of the national network.


Last updated: 2017-10-17